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Our Springers

Bertie, Millie, Lottie & Cassie

Bertie Running
Millie found a sunny Spot
Millie, Bertie & Lottie & our ball
Cassie & Lottie on bench
Bertie on beach


Hi I’m Jacky.

The chief treat maker at The WellGood Dog Co. Dog Bakery.

We began our journey in 2017 when I kept hearing horror stories about the ingredients that were being used in mass-produced dog treats.

We just wanted to give our dogs the best we could - as we all do, so I decided to bake them myself.


I had a background in catering as a school cook for the past 10 years

Therefore I was well used to baking lots of cookies for children, with a good grounding in all aspects of the strict food hygiene required for cooking for the public.

At this point I thought it was time for a career change and cook for our furry kids instead!

Working in a commercial kitchen, where very high standards are expected,we always achieved 5 stars in our inspections.

I gathered all my knowledge and brought these good practices with me, and continue them in our beautiful little work kitchen. Where we achieve those high standards with our Defra inspections


Our treats contain no artificial additives or preservative, but still taste fantastic, well our, four Springer’s seem happy and all their four pawed buddies seem to think so.


We strive to find the best flavour and satisfaction combination we can to keep our fur babies treats that are both tasty and rewarding.


So if you want a natural preservative and additive free treat your dog will love look no further than The WellGood Dog Co.

Jacky x




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