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My 4 huskies love The WellGood Dog Co biscuits. It's great that they don't contain all of the cheap fillers and colourings etc that most branded dog treats do. They're great for fussy eaters as well! Highly recommend!

Lauren Masters

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Well my already spoilt dogs have now been even more spoilt with amazing treats from the wellgood dog co, highly recommend by my four legged babies 😍





Alison Mackenzie-Shapland


Monty is very fussy when it comes to treats, but he adores The Wellgood Co. Dog Bakery treats,especially the Fishy Bites, here he is with his Valentines Heart







Wendy Cox

Jacky creates some delicious flavours for my dogs all made out of human grade ingredients.

My boys love them!

3 dogs

Carol Masters

pigs cake

Pig adored the cake you made for his birthday. It looked extremely professional and an amazing price. The only problem now is that he won’t eat the biscuits I make him! Thanks again for an amazing service, we look forward to ordering again xx

Catherine Conroy

woody dog

Woody absolutely loves his little trips to the market to see Jacky at

The WellGood Co. Dog Bakery. He’s a big fan of all the different biscuits we’ve tried so far...not turned his nose up once.

Melissa Staddon

2 dogs

I have a mini labradoodle who eats anything so had no worries about her not liking the treats. But I also have a VERY fussy Yorkie, who turns her nose up to pretty much ALL treats she is offer, so was pleasantly surprised when I bought a bag of bacon and egg flavour "breakfast biscuits" yesterday that she has eaten 2 already and is sat asking for more!
Definitely a winner.
Can't wait to try them with the other 3 bags of different flavours they've got for Xmas.
Thank you x

Stef Ring-Price

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